Calling| Beginner

Calling| Beginner

Start a call from a chat

You can make one-on-one or group calls with anyone in your organization directly from a chat without having to host a team meeting. These calls are private and won't appear in any team conversation. Entries for the calls will appear in your chat, though.


Go to your chat list, and click New chat New chat button  to start a new conversation.


Type the name or names into the To  field at the top of your new chat. 


Then click Video call Video call button  or Audio call Calls button  to start a call.


Up to 50 people can be on the same video call.


Video call, Audio call, and Add people buttons


If you're not currently in a chat with the person you want to call, you can start a new call from a command. Go to the command box at the top of your screen and type /call, then type or select the name of the person you want to reach.


You can also start a one-on-one call from someone's profile card. Open it by clicking their picture in a channel or from a search.


              Note: If your organization is set up for it, you can call a phone number directly, even for someone outside of your organization.

Call a phone number

To dial a number from Teams, go to Calls Calls button , click Dial a number, and then enter the number of the person you want to reach. This way you can contact anyone, even if they're outside your organization.


In the Calls Calls button  area, you can also access favorite and suggested contacts, listen to your voicemail, and check your call history.

Note: To access your dial pad during a call, click More options Select to see more options  at the bottom of your screen, then select Dial pad


Calls screen with contacts, history voicemail, and dialpad

Answer a call

When someone calls you, you'll get a notification that lets you accept or decline the call. 


  • Click Accept with audio  Calls button to answer with audio only.

  • Click Accept with video Video call button  to accept the call and enable video as well.    

  •  Click Decline call red phone to decline the call and go on with your day.

Add someone to a call

To add someone new to a group call, click Add people Add team icon.  at the top right corner of your call window, then type their name in the box at the top of your call roster.


As of right now, you can't add anyone new to a one-on-one call. But you can make it a group chat, convert it to a call, and then add someone.

Make multiple calls at the same time

If you're already on a call, you can answer or start a new call anytime. We'll place your current call on hold and take you straight to your new conversation. While a call’s on hold, all participants will be notified, and they won't be able to see or hear you.


You'll see your on-hold calls displayed on the left side of your call window, so you can get back to them anytime.

Put a call on hold

To place a call on hold, click More actions More options button  in your call window and select Hold. Everyone in the call will be notified that they've been put on hold, and you can continue your call by clicking Resume


People on hold can't see or hear anyone else in the call, including you. Screen sharing is temporarily suspended, too. Everything will return to normal once you resume your call.

Transfer a call

If you want to transfer a call, click More options Select to see more options  in your call window. Type the name of the person you want to transfer the call to, then select them. Click Transfer and you're done. Just keep in mind that you can only transfer calls when you're in a one-on-one conversation.


Consult then transfer


Need to check in with another person before transferring a call to them? When you're in a call, click More options More options button  > Consult then transfer. Then check in via chat or audio call.


 Anyone with an Enterprise Voice license can do this, not just delegates!

            Consult then transfer option in call menu          
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